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11th August 20
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Class News

Spring 1


Year 1

This half term we have been reading traditional tales. We have used the characters and settings from these stories in our writing. In maths with have moved on to using larger number in both addition and subtraction. We also learnt the names of 2D and 3D shapes. In science we have learnt the names of the parts of our bodies and the names of different groups of animals.  In Geography we have learnt about the seasons and at what time of year each happens.

Year 2

This half term we have been reading the book Gorilla by Anthony Browne in English. In Maths, we have been reading scales on thermometers and learning to tell the time. Please keep practising this at home. We have been practising how to spell high frequency words too. In Science, we have discussed what we need to survive and about the human life cycle. We have also learnt about animals and their offspring. In Art, we have been studying digital media. In Geography, we have learnt all about the weather in the UK and made rain gauges.

Autumn 2


This half term we have been busy taking part in our wonderful nativity play. We worked very hard to learn all our words. We enjoyed practising all the songs during our music lessons. In English, we have learnt the poem Hickory Dickory Dock off by heart and created our own version in our writing.  In maths we have moved on to working with larger numbers to twenty and beyond. During our history lessons, we have travelled back in time to find out what schools used to be like. We had some very special helpers to tell us about their experiences. We have created a timeline in the classroom. Have a wonderful Christmas .

Autumn Term


This half term we have been learning all about the UK and New Zealand in our Geography lessons. We have located the countries of the UK on a map and have begun to learn the names of the capital cities . We enjoyed looking at famous landmarks and have used the drawing skills we have been learning art to recreate Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament and the famous beehive building in New Zealand. In art we have studied the artist Andy Warhol and learnt about his style of drawing and painting. For our international lesson we learnt about the International Day of Peace. We talked about the meaning of the word peace, its importance and created our own dove of peace. During RE we studied harvest festival and learnt why it is an important time in the Christian calendar.

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