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11th August 20
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Class News

Spring 1


This half term we have been busy working on our topic work, as well as many other different subject areas and projects.
Our English work has focused on reading the Butterfly Lion, where we have written a short extract of a story following a similar plotline, as well as persuasive articles about the Illegal Wildlife Trade. The children have been really interested in finding about this issue and have been shocked at what happens to many wild animals in our world.
In Maths, we started off looking at graphs and timetables, moving onto several weeks of work on fractions. We have been exploring improper fractions and mixed numbers, finding equivalent fractions, ordering fractions, adding fractions and subtracting them. Some of us have found this work tricky, but we have been persevering penguins. We keep revisiting prior learning in our recap lessons every Friday.
Over the half term, many children have enjoyed making Spanish tortillas as part of their DT work. The remainder will make theirs after half term. Also, we’ve been busy creating a masterpiece for an art gallery that we are going to present in the next half term, along with all the other classes in school.
Our Geography work has focused on mountains and coasts and considering how they are affected by erosion. We have studied some Ordnance Survey maps and have had a go at reading and writing 6 figure grid references. Also, we have considered how climate change might impact on coastal erosion in the future.
On 11th February, we took part in Safer Internet Day. The children discussed the concept of ‘online identity’. The class enjoyed creating some raps called ‘Free to Be’, to try and get the message across that we should be ourselves online. Also, aspects of internet safety were revisited.


Autumn 2


We have had a remarkably busy second half term. The class have really enjoyed learning about the Victorians and really created some wonderful memories on our visit to Quarry Bank Mill. We explored the cotton loom machinery and working conditions for children at the mill, as well as looked a range of artefacts that would have been used in Victorian homes. In the Apprentice House, the children acted out being Victorian school children and also how they would have been treated in the dormitories. The actors who worked there really brought the experience to life for us. 

In English, the children have been writing short stories based on parts of 'King Arthur' by Michael Morpurgo. Also, they have written some persuasive letters and adverts. 

In Maths we have been working on multiplication, division and word problems. Also, squared and cubed numbers, factors, multiples and prime numbers. 

We have finished our Earth & Space topic in Science, ending with a fun experiment designing a 're-entry' capsule for an 'Eggnaut'. It gave the pupils chance to work collaboratively, as well as carry out a fair test and work practically. 

Have a lovely Christmas and a good rest! 

Our class worship


On Wednesday 20th November, we presented our class worship to the rest of the school. Our worship was all about the Amazon Rainforest. We shared work from our lessons, taught them about deforestation and sang a lovely song to inspire people to help save the rainforest. 

Please follow this link to the rainforest song. 

Autumn Term


We have had a busy half term in Brazil class, where much of our learning has focused on the Amazon Basin. The children have really enjoyed learning about the rainforest in our Geography lessons, as well as in our Art, ICT and English work. We have researched and debated deforestation, considering how this can have positive and negative impacts on our world. In particular, the class were touched by a news video of a tribal warrior, who was deeply saddened about the forest fires currently raging in the Amazon. Inspired by this, Brazil class wrote some diary entries, imagining they were tribal members. We have been writing non-chronological reports about the Amazon Basin, too - samples of which will be on display this week. In art lessons, the children have been developing their sketching skills, including the cross hatching technique to draw a parrot. Our art work is ongoing after half term, where we will design and create our clay sculptures, inspired by the rainforest animals. 

In Maths we have learned about place value, rounding numbers (to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10 000 and 100 000), addition and subtraction (including problem solving) and about multiples, factors and prime numbers. Our intriguing Earth & Space topic for Science will continue after half term, up until Christmas. 

Well done, Brazil Class! 

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