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Our Christian Council - Trinity

What is Trinity and what do we do?


Trinity group is a group made up of nine children who come together to talk about God and other things linked to the Bible. Mrs. Holden, who helps us plan our assemblies and leads our meetings, leads this group.


Each week, Trinity members plan a Worship linked to the current Christian value, choose songs and write prayers. We base these Worships from the book ‘Roots and Fruit’. Every Thursday, the Trinity Group then lead the morning Worship linked to our current Christian Value of the half term. The rest of the children really enjoy these Worships.


Trinity also spends a lot of time raising money for charities. We always decide on the charity together, plan how to raise the money, then collect and count the money together. This year at the Christmas fair, we raised money for a charity called ‘Rainbow House’.


At the end of each year, we invite children from younger year groups to join Trinity ready for the following year.


Written by; Sophie L, Ethan K and Ella K