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Special Services

Easter Service


At Easter time, the Year 3 and 4 children perform a short play about the joys of Easter. They tell the story of Easter in a creative way for example; Last Year the story was told through the sounds of Easter.


All of the children at St Leonard’s walk up to church along with teachers and helpers to worship and think about the importance of Easter. There are many traditions for Easter time: rolling eggs, going to church, having a family celebration and lots more. All of these activities represent how people celebrate and remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ our Lord.


The key parts of Easter to remember are Jesus’s crucifixion, Jesus being buried in the tomb, Jesus coming back to life and Jesus ascending to Heaven.


Written by; Katie S, Isla F and Millie K


Christingle Service


The Christmas Christingle Service is a service led by Year 6, along with a few children from Year 3, 4 and 5 as well as some Year 2 playing characters from the Nativity Story. We sing Christmas songs to lift peoples’ spirits for example; Circle of Love, We Three Kings and While Shepherds Watch.


During the Service, there is a tradition of the Year 6 children carrying a Christingle around the church in a circle as everyone sings the song The Circle of Love. A Christingle is an orange with four cocktail sticks, sweets, a red ribbon and a lit candle. These represents the four seasons, harvest, Jesus’ sacrifice and Jesus light of the world. Some of the Year 2 children act out part of the Nativity Story that they have performed previously.    


Written by; Darcey P, Ella R and Lauren B

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