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Spain Class (Y1)

We have had a great half term in Spain class.


We started off the term with a visit to Leyland Transport Museum. We saw lots of different types of vehicles including a double decker bus and a fire engine. We really enjoyed learning about the different modes of transport throughout history and thinking about similarities and differences between them.


In art, we have enjoyed making 3d sculptures using paper. We created 'tube towers' with a group and then experimented with paper with a partner. We learnt how to fold, bend and cut paper to make different effects. We enjoyed making a 'tree of life' using the different techniques.


In RE, we have enjoyed learning about the Easter story. We sequenced the events and thought about how this story links to the life cycle of a butterfly. We really enjoyed creating painting of Jesus' resurrection. 


As always, we have been working hard in our phonics lessons. We are becoming more familiar with reading alien words and reading multi syllabic words.


Autumn 2 

We have come to the end of a busy first term in year 1.  

In English we have been reading the book Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. We used the setting descriptions in the book to write our own wonderful descriptions of the jungle and then of space. We have also worked amazingly hard to improve the fluency of our reading . 


During our math's lessons we have moved to using numbers up to 20. We learnt rules about addition and subtraction and which equipment we can use to help us. We have started to learn about 2D and 3D Shapes and can describe the properties of these shapes.


In science we have looked at the properties of everyday materials and we can talk about why things are made using glass, metal, or wood. We found history interesting as we looked at the similarities and differences between schools now and in the past. We enjoyed listening to Mrs. Beard and Mrs. McEwan tell us about their school days. In PSHE we talked about the differences between rights and responsibilities. In Art  we have been looking at different techniques for mark making using a variety of different materials . 


We loved positive noticing day and enjoyed writing kind messages to each other. Finally, we ended the term with a wonderful nativity performance where we showed how much we have grown in confidence since September with fantastic singing and dancing. 


What an exciting first half term we’ve had in year 1! 

In English we learnt all about the adventures of pirate Tom and his crew searching for treasure on Rockabilly Island. We wrote fantastic character descriptions of a pirate and created persuasive adverts to encourage people to come and visit our pirate islands . 

In Maths we have been learning the rules of addition and subtraction working with numbers to 10 . We also learnt how to use a part part whole and write number sentences . 

During our science lessons we have been finding out all about the human body and our senses . We learnt how to keep ourselves healthy and how it’s important to make sure that our minds are healthy too . In Geography we have studied the local area and compared it with the city of Preston . We noticed that our village didn’t have a hospital and a university but that Preston does. 

Our favourite part of this half term was investigating seasonal changes . We welcomed Wild Wood Days into school to spend the afternoon completing forest school activities in our fabulous wooded area. 

Autumn Term in Spain Class