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Brazil Class (Y5)

Autumn 1


What a brilliant first half term in Year 5.  All the teachers have commented on how much learning has already taken place and how impressed they all are of all the Year 5 children. They have been resilient and preserved when the learning was challenging.  

In English, we have been focusing on the ‘characterisation’ toolkit. We have been describing the monster (Grendel) in our defeating the monster story ‘Beowulf’. We learnt the text map and then innovated this to write our own story.  For our non-fiction unit, we wrote recounts of the events from Beowulf in the style of a newspaper report. We then wrote our very own newspaper reports.

In maths, we have been working on our place value and numbers up to 1,000,000. We have also learnt how to read and write roman numerals. We have been measuring angles using a protractor and calculating the size of different angles on a straight line.

In DT, we have learnt about different types of bridges including truss bridge, arch bridge and beam bridge. We then discussed and debated what the best material would be to build a bridge before building bridges out of wood.

In science we have been learning about forces. We have learnt about air resistance, friction and gravity.

We have loved reading our class novel, ‘The boy at the back of the class’ by Onjali Q. Raúf.