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Egypt Class (Y2)

Summer 1 Newsletter


As we head our May half term break, it was wonderful to look back at everything the children have achieved this half term. 


Our English lessons have been particularly exciting as the students engaged with the text The Manor House, a suspense story. Inspired by this tale, the children wrote their own innovated stories. Their stories were filled with suspense and creativity, making for a thrilling read! We enjoyed a fantastic outing to the woods, where the children had a picnic and explored the natural surroundings. After our return, we used the experience to write a recount of our time in the woods and enjoying platters of fruit on the school field. 


In maths,  the children have been learning how to tell the time. We have also learned how to divide shapes into equal parts and writing them as fractions. It's been wonderful to see their progress and enthusiasm for these essential skills.


In the afternoons, we have been busy with a delightful sewing project in DT. The children have shown great perseverance and independence as they learned various sewing techniques such as a running stitch. The results are impressive, and we are proud of their hard work and dedication! In geography, the children have explored the human and physical features of the new seven wonders of the world. In this topic the children have been inspired about different cultures and landscapes from around the world. In RE, we explored why people of faith visit religious buildings. We looked at the world faiths, how people around the world and locally worship. In science, the children absolutely loved learning about the different life cycles of animals. 


We hope you all have a lovely break and we are looking forward to welcoming the children back for our final term in Year 2.

Spring 2 Newsletter


As we get ready for a restful break over the Easter holidays, here is a catch up on what Year 2 have been up to in the Spring 2 term.


Our trip to Mrs. Dowson's Farm was an absolute blast! The children had a fantastic time learning about different animals and discovering how to care for them. From little lambs to fluffy rabbits, the children we able to get up close to feed and stroke the animals. Thank you to the volunteers who made the trip possible.


In English, our budding authors have been busy crafting their own stories using the Dialogue Toolkit. The creativity and humour displayed in their stories were truly remarkable! The children worked hard over the half term to create their own innovated story based on the text, The Papaya That Spoke.


In Maths, we explored 2D and 3D shapes. Through hands-on activities and interactive games, they explored the properties of these shapes.


World Book Day this term was another highlight and it was filled with literary delights! The children discussed their favourite book characters, sparking conversations about different stories and authors. We immersed ourselves in the magical world of wordless books, celebrating the power of storytelling and imagination.


In Religious Education, we explored the symbols associated with Easter, which we were able to see during our trip to church this morning. These symbols serve as powerful reminders of the spiritual significance of Easter and the children enjoyed making connections with symbols they see regularly and how they link to the Easter story.


Wishing you all a wonderful break and thank you all for your continued support. 


Warm regards,

The Year 2 Team

Our Art Show

Blink and you miss it! A short half term for Spring 1 but an action packed one for Year 2.


This half term we have had some special visitors come in and went on a trip to Quwwat ul Islam Mosque in Preston. Lancs Fire and Rescue delivered a work shop on fire safety and how to stop, drop and roll. We had three mystery readers during National Story Telling week, many thanks again to the parents who read to the classes and those who came in for Careers Day too.


In RE, year 2 enjoyed their visit from Captain Debbie Eaton, one of the leaders from the Salvation Army in Preston. Debbie delivered a calming, relaxed session showing us how Christian charities welcome everyone, just as Jesus did and how Jesus teaches us to be a friend to all.


In English, we created our own warning stories using Kassim and the Greedy Dragon as our text. The children enjoyed their homework task, creating their own information texts on a subject of their choice. We have been blown away by the children’s creativity!


In maths, we have learnt about money, the value of coins and notes, calculating total amounts and comparing total amounts.

In geography, we have learnt about farming in Sri Lanka and Snowden, Wales. We have compared the two areas, explored how the farming styles differ and why.


In science, we conducted an experiment by planting seeds in a dark place and a light place to see, what do plants need to grow healthily. We will check on our plants after half term to finish our experiment.


In DT, the children designed and created their own ferris wheels. The children were proud of their achievements as this was a fiddly project that required patience and determination.


In music, we have thoroughly enjoyed listening and appraising different songs in the rock genre.


Well done year 2!

Mosque Trip

Comparing plants

This first Autumn term, Egypt class have settled in wonderfully to life in Year 2.


In English, we have explored a defeating the monster text, Jack and the Beanstalk, we have innovated the story and wrote a letter of persuasion. We have learnt how conjunctions can join sentences together and noun phrases adds description to our writing.


In maths, we have explored different methods of addition and subtraction. We have begun to use our knowledge of place value to help us solve these equations using the column method.


In science, we have learnt all about different survival needs of animal groups. You may have seen our fantastic pictures of year 2 handling whole fish! The children loved this lesson, although the classroom was a bit pongy for a little while.


In geography, by looking at physical and human features of the four countries of the UK, we have been able to discuss their similarities and differences. By making a postcard for each of the four countries, the children have identified landmarks, flags, native languages and fantastic facts.


Well done Egypt class!