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China Class (Y6)

Spring 2

We have had a very busy half term.


In English, the children enjoyed starting the term off with learning about The Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll and all the tricky vocabulary the poem contains.  The children have also worked really hard learning and recapping synonyms and antonyms, semi-colons, modal verbs, expanded noun phrases, co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions, pronouns, determiners, nouns, verb and adverbs. They have also written character descriptions, a fractured fairy tale and a story called The Clocktower.


In maths, China class have learnt about percentages, ratio and algebra.  The children worked incredibly hard in these tricky areas of maths.


The science unit was Evolution and Inheritance. The children have learnt about variation within a species and how this can happen and they also identified how camels and Venus flytraps are adapted to their environment.


In history, the children have been very interested in answering ‘How did the early Islamic civilisation compare to Britain at the same time?’ The class have looked at where the civilisation was; how the citizens of Baghdad influenced or changed our world; and how life Baghdad compared to life in Anglo-Saxon England.


In RE, the children discussed ‘Who was Jesus? Who is Jesus?’ and welcomed visitors into class to help answer the questions from the point of view of their faith.


During the computing lessons the children have researched the history of certain computers and created poster to show how they have evolved or influenced the computers of today.

Spring 1

We have had such a busy term in year 6, even though it has only been 5 weeks long.
In English, year 6 enjoyed reading Little Vixen Street and exploring new vocabulary and the techniques for including suspense and setting description. The children have written great stories that included suspense and setting descriptions. 
In maths, the class have continued to work really hard learning about decimals and converting measures. They have also been practising reasoning questions and how to break them up into smaller steps. 
In science, the children know how light travels and how things are seen. They enjoyed planning and carrying out a light and shadow investigation and know that the closer an object is to a light source the bigger the shadow. 
Year 6 had a fantastic 'God's Big Picture' Day where they looked at the story of the Bible from beginning to end!
In geography, they researched where some of our food comes from; how the global supply chain works; and learnt about Fairtrade and the importance of this. 
Year 6 loved designing their automatas and worked very sensibly when starting to make the frame. These will be completed after half term. 
The children found QR codes fun in computing and designed a system that could use infrared light to detect something. 
In PE, the children worked really well together in teams when playing seated volleyball.
The children from year 6 have also represented the school really well at the Dance from the Heart practise, Athletics and throughout our history visitor day. 

Autumn 2

In China Class, the children have been working and giving 100%. They have worked well with their learning partners and have been ready to learn quickly after breaks and lunch. 


In English, we have been looking at warning stories and focusing on how dialogue can move a story forwards. We have enjoyed writing our own warning stories. We also looked at recounts and wrote a recount about our amazing time at Robinwood.

In science, we have investigated complete and incomplete circuits.  We planned an experiment to see if the number of batteries can make a bulb brighter or a buzzer louder. We also looked at renewable and non-renewable energy.  

In history, our enquiry question was ‘What was the transatlantic slave trade?’ It was a fascinating topic and we learnt about Lancashire's involvement, how enslaved people were treated, the transatlantic triangle and when slavery was abolished. We also had a superb trip to the International Slavery museum in Liverpool. We ended our topic by producing double page spreads showing our knowledge.

In our indoor PE, we have been taking part in gymnastic lessons and trying out different ways of travelling along and under equipment. We also had to set a hoop rolling and complete a forward roll in time to catch it - it was very tricky.

In computing, we have had an introduction to the coding language of Python and experimented with programming online microbits.

We have researched advent in RE and how Christians prepare for Christmas. 


We have had a great half term and loved all the Christmas activities towards the end of term including the Nativity, our class party and the Christmas Fair.




Autumn 1 in year 6 has been a very busy, exciting half term. All of the children have shown great perseverance and resilience. 

In English, we have been working hard in class to write defeating the monster stories and instructions. 

In maths, we have covered lots of topics, such as, order of operations, long divison and multiplication, reading and ordering number to 10000000.

In science, we have learnt about classifying animals and how Carl Linnaeus created a system for classifying animals and plants. 

In DT, in groups, we created three meal plans that each included a starter, a main course and a dessert.  Two of the meals were tailored to specific diets such as gluten free.  We then made each course and everyone in class tasted them.  They were all delicious. 

In school, we had a Vison Day to focus on our values:

Being inclusive, inquiring and inspirational by:

  • Encouraging each other to be the best we can be, working together as a nurturing, Christian family.
  • Asking questions so that we grow in mind, body and spirit, embracing God’s wondrous, diverse world.
  • Following Jesus’ example, making a positive difference in the lives of others through love.

Also during Autumn 1, year 6 went to Robinwood for their residential where they took part in many activities: zipline, climbing, piranha pool and much more.  We all had an amazing time. 



Autumn 1