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School Development Plan

The School Development Plan contains all plans for school improvement. This includes all subject areas and aspect plans such as SEND, Assessment and EYFS. Within this development plan is ‘The School Improvement Plan’ which contains high priority areas that will drive school improvement forward and ultimately raise standards.


The School Improvement Plan and all subject areas will be reviewed on a termly basis following the analysis of each Subject Leaders Situation Report. The new priorities will be set following the analysis of the data and thorough school self-evaluation.


Within The School Improvement Plan, section for 2023/24, five main areas have been identified. These areas have received more money within the school budget, than other areas, in order to support their development. Staff meeting time will be arranged to discuss, train and decide as a whole staff the way in which to improve these five areas. The areas chosen to focus upon are:


Teaching and learning

To ensure high quality pedagogy in all subject areas with a focus on SEND children.


Subject leadership

To further embed the good practices of a high quality subject leader. 


To improve reading and writing outcomes throughout school.


To embed our school vision throughout all aspects of school life.


To ensure all children access a high quality EYFS curriculum.



These areas are considered a priority following the scrutiny of IDSR/ASP, LSIP, School Self Evaluation and our latest Ofsted report.