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Autumn 2

It has been another busy half term in Canada Class! All the children have been working extremely hard and giving 100% with their learning. They have been demonstrating how they can be independent learners and they have been persevering with their work.

In English, the children have read ‘The Kapok Tree.’ This is an example of a character flaw story. The focus has been description and the children have worked hard to use lots of descriptive language in their writing.

In maths, the children have been continuing with their work on multiplication and division. Through knowing their times tables, they have been able to spot links to the division facts. They have shown determination when solving word problems involving multiplication and division.

For our history this half term, the children have been finding out about the Lancashire Cotton Industry. They have looked at many artefacts, had a visitor into school and looked at maps and pictures to see how Preston looked many years ago when the cotton mills were open. In art, the children have practised different art skills in their sketchbooks. They have created a collage, used charcoal and practised creating different tones.