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Wales Class (R)

Summer Term


We have had a busy summer term. We have started to get ready for our next step into year 1. We have worked hard to become independent learners, getting equipment when we need it. We look after our own belongings and tidy up the classroom resources.  


In English we have read books from around the world. We read Handa’s surprise and used words like delicious and scrumptious to describe the fruits in Handa’s basket. We also got to taste them. We read books about animals from Africa and wrote fantastic sentences to describe them. We also wrote persuasive letters to ask for exciting pets. We thought an elephant would be an extremely exciting addition to our houses.  


In Maths we have learnt about addition and subtraction. We used the words more and less to describe the answers to our number sentences. We investigated 2D and 3D shapes and investigated the properties of each.  


In Geography this half term we have been inquiring and learning all about Africa. We talked about the differences between Africa and England. We looked at the landscape and the weather and found out about the animals that live there. We are going to see some of the animals at Blackpool Zoo next half term and find out how the zoo looks after animals that would not normally live in England.  


In RE we have learnt about special places of worship. We talked about what makes places special and how we should behave when we go to a place of worship. We looked at beautiful Churches, Temples and Mosques from around the world.  We also learnt about the Buddhist festival of Wesak and made a Wesak lantern. 


In our PSHE lessons we have been thinking about ways that we can keep ourselves healthy. We looked at how to clean our teeth and wash our hand properly and why this is so important.  


In Science we have been learning about seasonal changes and what we might wear and do in each season depending on the weather. We investigated the plants that grow in our school grounds and name each part of the plant.


Finally we took delivery of a new rug for our carpet area . We worked together as a team to unpack it and move the furniture so that we could lay it flat.  


Summer Term

Spring Term  


What an exciting first half term in our brand new class! 


In math's we have been learning to count to 20. We have been working hard to learn the ‘teen numbers’ and we have tried hard to write them correctly.  


In our English lessons we have read books with stories that all take place on a farm. The poor Little Red Hen had to plant the wheat and make the flour all by herself. We made our own bread in class and then took it home to taste it. We completed an egg obstacle course using our gross motor skills so as not to drop Little Red Hens egg. We wrote sentences all about the mean farmer in the story of Farmer Duck. We liked the story at the end when all the friends worked together to chase him away. We talked about how important it is that we work together as a team. We are so much better at taking care of each other and helping tidy up the classroom. Our final and favourite story has been What the Ladybird Heard. We have described the characters from the story and made map of the farm. We have worked hard to use capital letters, full sops and sit our writing on the line.  


In Science we investigated the forces of push and pull. We used ramps to change the surface to see if we could make the cars go faster. We learnt the difference between a push and a pull. In art we used clay to make animal sculptures based upon the art of Juile Wilson. We found that the clay was difficult to work with and get it to stick together. We are going to have another try next half term. In history we found out about the work of Florence Nightingale. That she was a nurse and helped to make hospitals much cleaner and safer to be in.  

We have read the book Daisy’s Dragons and talked about our emotions and what to do when our emotions get too big. Mrs Battersby has talked to us about being good friends and how to share.