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A special message from school council

Living throughout a global pandemic has been very difficult for everyone and the longer it continues the greater the effects on people. Our children have had to deal with so many changes and difficulties to their young lives and we are doing our upmost to support them daily and make their school life as easy and normal as it can be.
With all this in mind, we have been looking at ways in which can help all children and whilst we absolutely most continue with all the academic work we want them to have things to look forward to and enjoy.
It is therefore our intention in June to have a week of activities for them to enjoy. We will incorporate this into our usual ‘Health and Well Being’ week. We would like to focus this on being outdoors, sports, healthy mind activities and much more.
Just a few of the ideas that we are come up with so far, include; bringing specialist activity leaders from Wildwood days for the class to enjoy outdoor activities, sports day style races, class based fun, like treasure hunts, orienteering, motivational sporting speakers, specialist sports trainers and a rock band!
The staff are so excited to be planning this week and just want the children to have lots of fun. However, obviously to make all this happen we need some help, and that help comes in the form of donations to help assist school to pay for all these wonderful things. We are very limited in funding streams and the school budget cannot accommodate these extra- curricular events. FOSL have kindly agreed to donate to this, however, unable to cover the whole cost.
So, if you can and are willing or work for a company who is willing to provide any help to make this happen, please contact Mrs Hatch to discuss. Please note any donations will be gladly received, however, these are needed by Wednesday the 16th June 2021.