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India class

We have had such a fantastic start to India class. The children have settled in well, learning routines and expectations quickly; we are so proud of them!
In DT, the children loved learning about the different vitamins in different coloured fruits, as well as cutting them up and making their own kebabs.
In English, the children worked really hard to learn the story of the Ghanaian Goldilocks and wrote their own versions. They have also written a discussion, looking at the question ‘should Goldilocks be in trouble?’ They have learnt all about rhetorical questions and subordinate clauses and have applied them accurately in their writing.
In maths, the children have been looking at different methods for addition and subtraction using numbers to 1000.
In RE, they have enjoyed learning about being called by God. The children learnt what a prophet was and their Holy stories from the bible.
This week, year 3 have been focusing on Black History and the theme ‘Saluting our sisters’. The children focused on Mary Seacole and they have produced some excellent diary entries and art work!
The children have been recognised for their resilience this half term and have been showed good listening skills while working and being kind to each other.
We hope you have a lovely half term.
Miss O’Keefe, Mrs Lewis and Mrs Patel.