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Sports Day, Fun Run and Family Picnic

St. Leonard’s Primary school celebrated its long-awaited sports day in style on June 15th, as the heatwave kicked off and the wider school family were invited to spectate for the first time post covid! 


With the unmistakable smell of sun cream in the air, a sea of excitable, rosy-cheeked children from Reception-Year 6 competed in several different sporting activities with their families eagerly cheering them on, such as: egg and spoon race, relay, hurdles, obstacle course, sprint and long-distance running….there was even a teachers race (with a somewhat controversial photo finish!). 


Pupils participated in both competitive and non-competitive activities throughout the day, enabling pupils of every ability to enjoy themselves! St. Leonard’s believes this is vital in emphasising to its pupils the importance of good sportsmanship, teamwork, camaraderie and above all- fun! Sports Day was concluded with the podium presentation for the top 3 short and long-distance runners from each year group, presented by headteacher Kay Proctor. 


Once the school day had ended, families set out blankets and tucked into their picnics in the afternoon sun. The school field was a haven of sporting activities, with the race equipment available for visitors and pupils to use for their enjoyment. Pupils, families and staff competed together in a ‘Fun Run’, reinforcing St. Leonard’s family ethos and strong links with the local community.